5 Common Problems When Learning English

Learning any language is no easy task, but for some learners of English there are some problems that occur more frequently. The first step in solving any problem is to first identify the problem, as this will help to find a solution that will bring the greatest results in terms of improvement. In this article we will explore the 5 most common problems when learning English, and make some suggestions on how to overcome these hurdles.

  1. Insufficient vocabulary Vocabulary is important when learning a language. Any language, including English, has thousands and thousands of words. In many cases, even those native speakers of the language do not know all the words of that language. Another problem people face in learning English vocabulary is that they learn new words, but they tend to forget what they have learned quite soon after the just learned them.

  2. Poor speaking skills One of the biggest problems when one is learning a new language is their inability to communicate successfully. Whether it is an issue with reducing their accent, or not knowing the vocabulary or grammar to create a decent conversation, many people struggle with poor speaking skills. People assume that learning grammar in a classroom or studying vocabulary words will help them speak English as a language. But those factors only gain your knowledge of the English language and cannot translate into real conversational English skills.

  3. Not enough interaction with English speakers Not having the opportunity of interaction with native English speakers can be a great hindrance to one who is learning English. Through interaction with native speakers you will pick up on all of the intricacies of the language, that are very difficult to learn through a text book.

  4. Difficulty understanding the grammar Grammar plays a very important role in learning English as it plays a vital role in organizing the language in to comprehensible chunks. The rules of English may seem complicated, but a basic understanding of even a few rules can drastically improve a person’s English level (and English learning ability).

  5. Lack of comprehension This simply means that not enough effort has been applied to understanding the vocabulary, understanding the learning processes, understanding the language skills, and understanding the vocabulary. Meaning is one of the most important components in language, and considerable effort needs to be applied to ensure that at all times the language, and learning, is understood.

There are plenty of other problems in Learning English but I think these are the 5 main reasons. Here at Easy English we have designed our courses to address all of these problems in a constructive manner, with a guarantee that if you are an Easy English customer your English learning will be improved. We hope to see you soon and good luck!

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